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CoviPure™ Surface Spray

The safest way to get back to business

This non toxic spray can be used on all surfaces in all indoor settings to prevent the spreading of disease. Unlike other disinfectants, CoviPure™ works fast. In just 30 seconds it kills all known viruses and bacteria including influenza and coronavirus. Its active element works fast and dies fast meaning that no virus or bacteria, or their future mutations, can develop a resistance to CoviPure™.

  1. Public Access Areas

    Precautions should be taken no matter the size of the gathering or duration. It is recommended that all public areas are kept safe: restaurants, food processing spaces, factories, shops, gyms & classes, places of worship, nightclubs, public houses, medical environments, educational settings, cinemas, theatres, leisure/sporting venues.

  2. Offices & Workplaces

    The number of touchpoints in offices and workplaces is numerous. Special care and consideration must be taken on shared workstations, chairs, keyboards, printers, screens, phones, headpieces, mice and kitchen equipment. New products received, current stock and items returned by customers must be made safe before any forward distribution.

  3. Travel & LEISURE

    Prior to a change in occupancy, all surfaces in Airbnbs, bed & breakfasts, hotels, hostels, caravans, chalets and car rentals should be deep cleaned to prevent any onward infections. To protect travellers, all touchpoints must be disinfected regularly, including seats, handles and overhead lockers on planes, trains, buses and coaches.

The safest way
to bring people together.

Safeguarding those who enter your indoor spaces supports the world in its return to normality. Using CoviPure™ and Aranet4 assists the return to work to strengthen the economy, they allow people to travel safely, they prevent the disruption to education and more..

Covipure - Kills germs in 30 seconds | Non toxic | Non corrosive Scientifically proven to work | Environmentally friendly.

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Aranet4 - Clear display | Reassures | Alerts if action needed
Portable | 2 year battery life | Connect up to 100 devices.