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1% of germs can become resistant as they are repeatedly exposed to the same disinfectant.

Regular disinfectants can take between 5 and 15 minutes to kill viruses and bacteria.

CoviPure™ has been tested to European Norm standard. It has also been independently tested by BluTest Laboratories and Melbec Microbiology Ltd.

No. Covipure™has a non toxic formula which is not harmful should it be breathed in. It has been fully dermatologically tested meaning that it will not produce a negative reaction if touched.

Yes, it’s completely non toxic.

No, CoviPure™ is 2.6 times stronger than bleach.

Yes, it has been developed to be safe to use on all surfaces.

No, CoviPure™ is non-corrosive, unlike many QUATs.

CoviPure™ works fast and dies fast. Spray should be reapplied every time a new group of people enter the space. The advantage to this is that no virus or bacteria can build an immunity to it. It will kill all mutations as they evolve.

Bio2Pure™, a biotechnical company from Birkenhead, UK.

Yes it can, with the reassurance that it is not harmful if breathed in.

No, it kills all viruses and bacteria to include Influenzas, Ebola, HIV, Hepatitis C and E-coli.

Buying concentrate reduces the amount of plastic used and is more cost effective. When you buy concentrate, you must have appropriate storage space and as it is a lot stronger than the ready mixed sprays. CoviPure™ must be handled with care and appropriate PPE. We will provide all of the safety data, handling instructions and training prior to sending your first shipment.

Anyone, it has been developed to be used in all indoor and outdoor settings where people gather.

Yes, a disinfectant with the ability to kill all germs in 30 seconds is groundbreaking. CoviPure™ only became available in July 2020.

No, CoviPure™ is only available through trusted distributors B2B.

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No, CoviPure is most definitely not a QUAT.

QUAT’s are very widely available and are Cationic - meaning they attach to a surface. Practically, something that attaches to a surface means that when you remove it, it will probably take parts of the surface away, meaning it damages them over time. It also attaches to things that touch the surface, so if an elderly person or baby has soft skin, or food it can attach to them, and can cause skin irritation.

QUAT’s take about 5- 10 minutes to even start to be effective because of the way they attach themselves, so in a real world setting that promotes viruses to evolve and gain resistance.

QUAT’s are extremely damaging to people with asthma and eczema. QUATS are also banned in a lot of areas around food production as the active ingredient then attaches to food, or spreads on dust particles, neither of which is good.

Dettol, CIF, Lysol, Clorox, Mr Muscle are all classed as Quarternary Ammonium Compounds (QUAT’s).