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As leaders in our field, our aim has always been to bring people together.

CoviPure™ and Aranet provides the ultimate solution to unite us once again.

IngenUK was founded in December 2020 to enable people to continue to work, pursue leisure activities, carry on with their education and enter medical environments safely. As a sister company of G6 Global Communications, IngenUK shares the same mission to keep people safe.

Aranet is a trusted organisation offering industrial IoT environmental monitoring solutions for all indoor spaces making it easy to collect and analyse real time data.

Bio2Pure™, a biotechnology company from Birkenhead, UK, is behind the development of CoviPure™. Its scientists have been using non-harmful bacteria to clean water, remediate polluted land and improve efficiency of global wastewater plants for over 15 years.

G6 BSIA Accreditations Aranet Wireless Monitor Solutions A biotechnology business researching & manufacturing solutions Specialising in Push-to-Talk technology to provide limitless possibilities.