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With CoviPure™


Other disinfectants are only 99% effective and can take between 5 and 15 minutes to kill germs. The remaining 1% of disease inducing germs build up a resistance to disinfectants over time.

Scientifically tested and proven to eradicate

Ready to use surface disinfectant

CoviPure™: A ready to use format that can be applied directly to any hard surface for immediate results. Proprietary stabilisation technology gives the product an 18-month effective shelf life.

Application: Tables, handrails, doors, food prep surfaces, tills, restaurants, diners, cafes, and kitchens. Generally, the ready to use product could be left for re-application in all frequent use areas with probable contact/touch points. Can be applied by anyone.

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CoviPure™ Plus
concentrated surface disinfectant

CoviPure™ Plus: Concentrated format, mixed with water on-site and immediately effective, with a shelf life of 48 hours once mixed.

Application: CoviPure™ Plus performs the same as CoviPure™ when applied to surfaces, but is delivered in a concentrated format, to be mixed with water on-site making it significantly cheaper and more suited to larger areas. These include; production facilities, storage facilities, transport, fisheries, floors and areas with a lower probability of regular contact. Whilst equally safe when mixed, CoviPure™ Plus should be applied by trained cleaning staff as part of their daily routine.

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your safety:

CoviPure™ kills 100% of all known germs including those that humans haven’t been exposed to yet. Viruses and bacteria have the ability to mutate in order to survive, CoviPure™ will kill these mutations.

While all viruses can live for a substantial amount of time outside of its host (our bodies) official sources state that the coronavirus remains viable up to 72 hours on plastics and stainless steel, up to three hours on copper and up to 24 hours on cardboard. The virus can also survive for a few hours as tiny droplets in the air.

Its powerful formula has been developed by scientists to be safe and not to cause any negative or harmful reactions. 2.6 times stronger than bleach it’s highly effective in killing all germs that can make people seriously ill, yet it will not damage or discolour any surface it comes into direct contact with.

Safeguarding those who enter your indoor spaces supports the world in its return to normality. Using CoviPure™ assists the return to work to strengthen the economy, it allows people to travel safely and prevents the disruption to education and more.

Using CoviPure™ spray to make indoor spaces safe allows people to confidently mix with others. Its non toxic and non corrosive active elements are safe to use on all surfaces. Plus, it can be sprayed into the air to kill coronavirus that may be present as droplets and aerosols.

CoviPure™ can be used on all surfaces to include those made from cloth, metal, plastic, and marble. CoviPure™ can also be sprayed in an enclosed space to kills airborne germs.