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Breathing Clean
& Healthy Air

In 2020 our world changed beyond recognition. The coronavirus pandemic caused severe and unprecedented disruption to our lives, damaging our health, our livelihoods, and our economy. In this year we also learned that to protect ourselves, and each other, we must do everything in our power to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Coronavirus is just one of many viruses that can cause harm; the key to safeguard our future is to eliminate the spread of all pathogens. Airborne particles or droplets are known to transmit viruses and bacteria as well as to exaggerate asthma, cause ear, nose and throat irritations, induce headaches and reduce cognitive performance. Poor indoor air quality is a particular risk to humans as most harmful air pollutants are colourless and odourless and can easily go undetected.

How can we help?

The Aranet4 monitor displays temperature, relative humidity, and the CO2 level on its easy to view e-ink screen with corresponding colour indicator. A configurable audible alarm will trigger should the air become unhealthy.


In addition to the monitor unit displaying three air quality indicators, atmospheric pressure is also measured and available via the app on PC and smartphone. Alerts will activate when immediate action must be taken to make the space safe.


A network of up to 100 wireless monitors can be connected to a single base station. This provides the ultimate solution for multi-room campuses, leisure facilities, educational environments, medical settings and workplaces.